Friday, March 27, 2009

i would like to get something off my chest...ight when i was in highschool like 4 yrs ago nobody was wearing vans or pumas or Dc i mean no one xcept 4 like the skater kids right but theywore it all beat up with some janco jeans the really big ass legs lolol but thats their flave

so any way i was living in the hood and all the kids from round my way they wasnt really into that mostly just fubu phat fam etc you get what im saying it was more urban .i just like the fitt of the vans sneaker and plus they were dirt cheap so i was copin those shits on the reg but the kats round my way was like yo son why the hell you rocking them wak shits for i was like these joint are fresh yall just anit up on them make a long story short everybody is rocking vans pumas and supras in the hood now and guess what the price went up cuz the demand is high so yall just bittterssssss and now i look at yu as a jockk hahahahahaha

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